Wiped Film Evaporator


The Wiped Film Evaporator (WFE) is used to concentrate, distil, strip, dehydrate, and deodorise goods that are heat-sensitive or viscous. A very broad range of feed compositions, from 1% to over 95% concentration, can be handled by the machinery. As listed in the table below, WFE has a number of advantages. The self-cleaning continuous contact wipers create and refresh the thin film while the operation is continuing with a single pass. By preventing residue and colour buildup, this procedure increases product yield. It contains a built-in condenser that minimises pressure drop and preserves vacuum.


The WFE's operational procedure is straightforward but nevertheless efficient. The spinning distribution plate spreads the feed around the inner surface of the shell after being injected at the top of the unit. Wipers that have been specially created for the job wipe the feed, generating and refreshing the film. Even for very viscous fluids, this thin sheet permits an efficient heat transmission. The low boiling component evaporates and moves through an entrainment separator. This reduces the amount of liquid droplets and vapour that are carried over. Through the vapour line, the vapours are evacuated and condensed on an optional external condenser. The unit is a short path/molecular distillation unit since the central section of the evaporator is equipped with a condenser for certain applications that necessitate low pressure drop.


  • Increased power to address feed fluctuations
  • An easy-to-clean Chevron rotor with removable panels
  • Auger-equipped conical bottom
  • Lack of a bottom bearing
  • Internal condenser, large
  • Wiper blades that swing or hinge
  • Slow rotating axis


  • Chemical Industry
  • Evaporation when the temperature is low
  • Limited time spent there (few seconds)
  • High coefficients of heat transfer
  • Vapor side low pressure decrease
  • No loss or deterioration of the active components
  • Automatically cleaning the heat transfer surface
  • Effective with thick liquids
  • Ongoing performance
  • Easy to maintain